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Foldable Wood Burning Camp Stove


“I have a lot of camping gadgets- but this surprised me and I use it all the time. It’s so much quicker to start cooking right away rather than having to wait! It cleans up and packs away neatly, I’m very happy with it.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Luke Thompson

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Some campers prefer to burn wood as a method for remaining warm and cooking in the great outdoors due to the fact it provides a more authentic experience in nature. This often results in outdoor enthusiasts hauling bulky wood-burning stoves with them on camping trips. The effects of bringing hefty wood stoves when camping can lead to added stress, inconvenience, and take up important travel space!

This stove utilizes advances in camp stove technology to provide campers with a cutting-edge wood-burning stove that fits in the hand. The innovative wood stove folds down to the size of a tablet and weighs less than 2 pounds. Experience the joys of having access to a portable wood-burning stove that conserves space and provides hassle-free warmth and cooking while in the great outdoors! 


 FOLDABLE: Folds down to the size of an iPad and fits conveniently in its travel bag. The wood-burning stove’s portability provides campers with the ability to conserve pack space and enjoy hassle-free storage!

 LIGHTWEIGHT: The ultralight camp stove is lighter than a pair of shoes, weighing in at 1.8 pounds. PortaStove's lightweight design provides outdoor enthusiasts with the ability to reduce travel weight and enjoy easy access while in the outdoors!

 WINDPROOF: By utilizing revolutionary windbreaker technology the cutting-edge wood-burning stove effectively minimizes the wind’s impact on cooking. This incredible benefit provides outdoor enthusiasts with access to cooking in any environment of choice! 

 VARIOUS FUEL METHODS: Unlike traditional camp stoves, PortaStove™ can be fueled by using leaves and twigs. This phenomenal benefit provides campers with easy access to fuel in the wilderness and an authentic experience in nature!

 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: With quality in mind, PortaStove™ is crafted using 430 stainless steel materials. The camp stove’s cutting-edge design allows it to withstand high temperatures and give long-lasting usage! 

 COOKSPACE: PortaStove™ features a top-notch grid backing plate top made with 304 stainless steel material. This phenomenal perk creates a stable cooking platform and provides reliable support for storing kitchen utensils! 


We understand how stressful it can be to fit everything needed for a camping trip in such a small amount of space. Unfortunately for those who like to utilize burning wood for warmth and cooking the outdoors, it ends up resulting in bringing along bulky pieces of equipment that take up crucial travel space. A recent study showed that the majority of campers overpack with hefty gear that takes up much-needed space, causing unwanted stress and anxiety!

Thankfully, with PortaStove conserving pack space and enjoying a wood-burning stove while camping is now mutually inclusive due to the stove’s portable design. The cutting-edge camp stove folds down to the size of an iPad, weighs less than a pair of shoes, and can be fueled by leaves and twigs. Experience the joys and comfort that a wood burning stove brings while in nature and enjoy saving crucial travel space in the process! 


Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 8.3*5.7*5.5in (Unfolded), 8.3*5.9in (Folded)

Capacity: Medium

Color: Silver


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