High-Tech Fiber.

Safety & Easy Clean.

Portable & Multiple Use.

No water, or electricity.



Help your dog stay fresh during the hot summer wave! Perfect for home, travel or for your backyard! Enjoy the sun and hot days without worrying about your dog. As you know hot is really annoying for our friends and they become more nervous and upset.



This Cooling Mat is relaxing and comfy! :)
Easy to clean and super-refreshing thanks to the cooling fabric. The perfect summer mate for your buddy!
See the info below for more!


How it works:

Staying comfortable in bed isn't about lying on an icy cold mat, but staying cool. Cool mat disperses heat away from your body, keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Unlike traditional mattresses, it does not retain heat in one spot, but redistributes and dissipates the heat!

Good for pets!

Just like humans, pets can also find it unbearably hot in the summertime. With a cleanable surface and gel that won't leak, they'll appreciate the cool mat as much as you!


1). Pets' experiences will vary depending on temperature preference, body build, ambient temperature, etc.

2). The effectiveness of heat dissipation may be dependent on the duration of use and the amount of surface area covered.

3). Use with caution and adult supervision for young children. Make sure the mat is removed on cooler days to prevent problems that may arise from over-cooling.

4). This mat is designed for lying on. Sitting on the cool mat will cause the gel inside to permanently shift, especially when used on a hard surface.